Emergency Storage Containers

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Home damage caused by extreme weather or other unforeseen events can lead to a great deal of stress for you and your family. With years of experience providing emergency solutions to individuals, families and businesses, PODS® can help you manage the stress of storing or moving your belongings during this difficult time.

While your home is being repaired, our home damage storage solutions are a perfect fit. We deliver a sturdy, weather-resistant PODS® container to your home. You load the container at your pace, and when you’re ready, we will pick up your container and take it to our secure local Storage Centre. Alternatively, leave your container on-site for easy access.

If the damage to your home is significant and you need to move, whether temporarily or permanently, we simply move your PODS® container straight to your new home.


Our sturdy, weather-resistant PODS® containers offer protection of your belongings during severe weather and natural disasters and with PODS®, you have control of your belongings and the whole process. Everything is done on your schedule. And no one has access to your things but you.