Packaging Services

There are always a million things to do when you’re moving – and some only you can take care of. But packing isn’t one of them.

Save time packing, loading and unloading with our ProPack service – where our professional packing partners do the packing for you.

You have the option to pack and help move as little or as much as you want – fully trained professionals take care of the rest. They can simply load your PODS® container, or pack your belongings as well. After your belongings are well packed and loaded, you lock the container and keep the key.

Our local professional packing partners offer the following services:

Just because you value your belongings doesn’t mean you have time to pack them all. So, take advantage of our ProPack service.

*Employees of packing and loading companies are not employed by PODS® and PODS® makes no warranty as to any services provided by them.